A car crash is something that none of us are expecting to happen but unfortunately when it happens you must stay calm and think about your next steps. Reporting the accident, checking yourself and passengers for injuries, and contacting your personal injury lawyer and auto accident lawyer from a reliable law firm like Valiente Mott would be some of the things you need to do right after the accident. You may also need to call Towingless because they provide services 24/7 and will be able to provide you with immediate help. Go to myaccident.org for the latest chp incident report. The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck on the side of the road by a simple car problem that could have easily been avoided. In case this happens, Roadside Rescue has affordable towing rates to best serve the transportation service you need.

What is Diminished Value?

Diminished Value is the amount by which the Resale Value of a damaged/repaired vehicle has been reduced for having sustained damage. There are two (2) generally accepted types of Diminished Value.

  1. Inherent Diminished Value assumes optimal repair quality and is defined as the amount by which the resale value of a vehicle has been reduced simply because it has a damage history.
  2. Repair Related Diminished Value includes any additional amounts by which the resale value may be reduced because of less-than-optimal repairs. This could include anything from cosmetic imperfections to major structural defects Auto glass guru.

Has My Vehicle Suffered a Diminished Value?

The only blanket answer here would have to be Yes – No – Maybe! The newer your vehicle in better pre-loss condition, with no previous collision history and the more severe the current collision damage . . . the more resounding the “YES”! The older the vehicle in poorer pre-loss condition, with a previous accident history and minor current damage. Also have in mind to be ready for any eventuality, you can keep your GreaseMonkey Direct contact on your phone or have your own emergency kit with you . . . the more deafening the “NO”! As your circumstances moderate between these two extremes the more your true answer will fluctuate accordingly.

How Do I Know for Sure?

Let the above “Yes ~ No ~ Maybe” answers serve as your guideline of probability. The more probable your vehicle has suffered a Diminished Value the more we recommend you have your claim evaluated by a legitimate Diminished Value Professional. To find out if you qualify take our Diminished Value Qualification Quiz. Know that Midwest Trial Lawyers identifies personal injury attorney in Kansas if needed.

How Do I Find a Legitimate Professional?

Collision Claim Associates, Inc., is a professional Diminished Value Appraisal Company. If you are researching diminished value, be careful, there are impostors out there that are more inclined to favor the insurance industry than work on behalf of vehicle owners. There are also companies that inflate the amount of your diminished value just to make a sale. There are even those who claim to handle the entire claim for you for a percentage of the proceeds. In most states, it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed personal injury attorney to represent you with the insurance company. Find all the information you need about plumbers insurance to make sure you are covered. Read Our Qualifications

How Do I Collect Diminished Value?

Regardless of what others may tell you, collecting Diminished Value from an insurance company can be a difficult and lengthy process. You should utilize the services of a professional Diminished Value claim specialist. The actual process will vary on a state-by-state and case-by-case basis usually handled and processed by attorneys and their associates. Collision Claim Associates assists consumers in all 50 states. While the principle of Diminished Value has long since been recognized at law, the insurance industry has gone out of their way to not pay consumers for this legitimate damage. For years, the auto insurance industry has lied about owing for this damage and, more recently, has even enlisted the aid of Departments of Insurance in various states to keep from paying this damage to policyholders. With our assistance, there are still opportunities for you to collect the full amount of the Diminished Value of your repaired vehicle. To find out more about your claim click here

It can be difficult and overwhelming to deal with all the red tape after an auto accident especially without the help of an automobile accident attorney las vegas by your side. Most people just end up leaving everything up to the insurance companies, but then who is looking out for your best interest? Collision Claim Associates can get you started with an auto accident consultation for just $35.00. It could end up saving you hundreds – even thousands of dollars.