Actual Client Testimonials

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I was very skeptical about hiring a company for the diminished value on my Toyota Camry.  Especially after several insurance agents told me it was not possible to get anything more than what the insurance company offered. After speaking with CCA, I decided to go ahead and hire Richard.  With almost $12,000 in damage, State Farm was saying my vehicle had only diminished $903.00!!  Richard was great. After the report was finished the paperwork was so simple.  I took a compromised settlement in the amount of $4,887.50.  Much more than the original $903.00 they had offered and well worth the investment with Richard.  Thank you.  I would definitely recommend you and, if the need arises again, I will definitely give you a call. Thanks so much!!

Patricia M.

I am happy to report that I have settled my claim and received a check for $4,900 for an appraisal of $5,575 that you all wrote for me.  I am pleased with the results and have gone on to purchase a new car with my trade-in and settlement.  Your fee was money well-spent.Thank you.

H. P. Hines

I got a check today for $6,028.  Thanks for your help!

Scott P.

To be perfectly honest, your company has greatly exceeded my expectations! Though we have not yet settled with the insurance company, I cannot imagine CCA doing more for us. Your customer service, timeliness and professionalism are all top notch!  Thanks so much for helping us with our claim!

Chuck & Cathy R.

I have been very impressed with your company, and am very grateful that I was referred to you guys!  You are the utmost professionals, and I will be sure to pass on the recommendation.Sincerely,

K.B.Griggs., Esq.
SETTLED $4,187.50

It's been awhile since I've contacted you but have been trying to handle this with the information you provided. Here's a little background: We were asking for $5900 in diminished value on our MDX. This included the appraisal fee.  It took 4 letters, the last one to the guy above whomever we'd been dealing with. Their final offer was $2500...til now. They're agreeing to give us the amount we've demanded.

Amy C.
SETTLED $5,900 DV & Appraisal Fee

I accepted $25,900 for the DV on my Audi R8 Spyder.

Mario P.
SETTLED $25,900

I just wanted to let you know the great news.  I sent off the last letter to Geico, we were on vacation and got our mail today and the check for the full asking amount was there!  We are thrilled and wanted to Thank You So Much!

Pete & Kelly H.
SETTLED $3,475

I just wanted to say Thank you for your service. Without your professional diminished value report, I’m sure the insurance company would’ve had the advantage. Your report and instructions kept the playing field level, easy, and honest. The insurance company hired their own 3rd party appraiser and both appraisals were comparative.  I ended up receiving…more than I originally asked for; full diminished value and the cost of the report!!!  Great job Collision Claim Associates; I will definitely refer you to friends and family.   Regards,

Rodney Klegin
SETTLED FULL $3,220.00

I would like to thank you and Collision Claim Associates for your extended help and services throughout my diminished value claim process.  I have settled with State Farm Insurance for the full amount of $4,950.00.  I received a check on Friday of last week.  Thanks a bunch

Brian B.

Just wanted to update you on our diminished value claim status.  To date, only one insurance company (Tennessee Farm Bureau) has accepted any portion of the liability for our accident.  They have accepted 50% of the total liability, and my insurance company is going through arbitration/litigation with two other companies to get the other 50%.  Today, Tennessee Farm Bureau paid us $3,287.50 - exactly 50% of our total diminished value claim.  I will let you know when we get the other 50% resolved with one or both of the other companies.

Update on my DV claim for your records... I just got the second insurance company (Guide One) to pay the other 50% of my claim.  They were trying to make it difficult, but finally reached the point where they knew I wouldn't go away (too many phone calls, emails, letters to count).  So the end result is I received 100% of my claim - $6,575.00, after waiting it out for a little over 8 months after the accident.  Thank you!

Thomas A.

I just wanted to let you know that my claim has been settled with Allstate, I received the check yesterday. I received the full amount that was in the report. The only sticking point was getting them to pay your fee, which we negotiated on. They paid half of it. So I am very pleased, and the adjuster said he was very impressed with your report. I had no issues whatsoever.  After reading all the "scenarios" I was a bit concerned. However, now I really believe there is a difference in what insurance company you are dealing with. Allstate took care of everything from the repair, to the rental, and now the diminished value claim, with all of your help of course.  Thank you for everything, you definitely provide a top notch, valued service. I will recommend you to anyone that happens to fall into the same unfortunate circumstances that I did.

Brian S.

I’m writing to thank you and your team for your service. I appreciate the information you provided me to collect the DV of my vehicle. As you stated in the information, the insurance company hired another appraisal and of course the value in his report was lower than the value in your report. I negotiated with them and we settled for a fair amount not far from your report value.

Essam N.

I highly recommend Collision Claim Associates, Inc.  Collision Claim Associates is very professional, reliable and helpful.  I first hired Collision Claim Associates in 2009 after my wife’s car was rear-ended and the other driver’s insurance company was not offering enough for the diminished value damage to her car.  Relying on the Vehicle Valuation Appraisal Report prepared by Richard Hixenbaugh of Collision Claim Associates I was able to persuade the insurance company to increase its offer to 240% of its original offer.

I hired Collision Claim Associates again in 2010 after I submitted a collision claim to my insurance company for damage to my son’s car and my own insurance company offered an insufficient amount for the diminished value.  With a Vehicle Valuation Appraisal Report prepared by Richard Hixenbaugh I was able to get my insurance company to increase its offer to 400% of its original offer!

Howard Salk
1st SETTLED FOR $6000

Dear Richard, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful team for helping me get top dollar for my vehicle's diminished value.  It's never easy when you get involved in a major accident the day after you bought your dream car. That's what happened to me. My Pontiac Trans Am was very severely damaged. The final bill to fix it all was close to $14,000.00.  At first, the insurance company offered to pay me $1,200.00 for my diminished value (that's after I asked them about it, of course). Since I wasn't happy with that number, I contacted Richard at Collision Claim Associates. They provided me with a detailed diminished value report and a sample demand letter. The DV report determined I was entitled to $4,500.00.  After going back and forth with the insurance company over several weeks, the insurance company settled my claim for $3,750.00. I was very happy with the outcome as well as the service I received. I'd recommend Collision Claim Associates to anyone I know. Thanks guys.

Fredrick John

To Collision Claims,
I wanted to say thanks for all of your help and assistance throughout the entire process.  I especially appreciated the availability of Rosemary and Richard and the patience to deal with every one of my questions and concerns.

After an absurdly low diminished value estimate from the insurance company, $282.82, I contacted Richard and he explained how the process worked.  I was a little skeptical at first because you have to put your faith in Richard and his experience and hope that he knows what he is talking about.  Well, needless to say after meeting with Richard as he inspected my vehicle, my confidence in him started to increase.  He estimated the diminished value at $3,450. The insurance company stuck to their guns and didn't budge on their estimate, but Richard calmly followed the process as laid out in the policy, and at the end of it all I ended up receiving $25 more than Richard's initial estimate.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to use Richard and Collision Claims for any of their offered services.  They have been excellent to work with all around. Thanks again.

Krishna Pacifici
Diminished Value Settled for $3,475

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your service is amazing!!! Not only did you give me expert suggestions and advice in pursuing my diminished value claim, but you were prompt at every turn, attentive to all details, and invaluably helpful.

At Collision Claims there was always a human voice within ready reach or a prompt email response.  Such ease of clear and friendly communications is a rare find these days.

My accident required $12,735 worth of repairs.  Your appraisal report assessed the diminished value to my vehicle at $5,325.  The insured's insurance company began at $2,676.93.  Wisely relying on your expertise and using patient but assertive negotiation through correspondence, coached all along the way by Collision Claims, I received an amicable settlement of $4,000.

I can hardly believe my good fortune at finding Collision Claim Associates.  Well, actually, you "found" me and within hours in response to what was essentially my random on-line outreach for assistance concerning Diminished Value, a subject I then knew very little about.  You were on the ball from the get-go and followed that same pattern throughout.  All of this plus super results!  Many, many, many thanks.  Very sincerely,

Julia Persky

I was so impressed with Collision Claims that I had to write a testimonial.  I had a (6 year old) Acura TL that was in superb condition.  My insurance company wanted to repair the vehicle at a cost of almost $8000.  I wanted the car totaled but was getting nowhere.  I could not even get my claims rep to call me back.  I faxed her boss the report by Collision Claims and my vehicle was totaled the very next day.  I went from possibly driving a wrecked car with no value to $3,000 in pocket and I am now driving a brand new Honda.  Your staff was very professional and gave me excellent advice.  I also forget to mention that I was in the insurance business and am now in the car business but my insurance company did not listen to me until I had Collision Claims in my corner.  Thank you very much for everything.  Sincerely,

Bryan Land

AT-FAULT PERSON HAD MINIMUM COVERAGE OF ONLY $10,000. - I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all of the help in settling my diminished value claim.  It was over a year ago that my new car was damaged.  With your help, I have successfully been able to negotiate a settlement of $10,000.  With a sum like that, the insurance company really fought to keep my money.  Fortunately, I had your help every step of the way and I eventually prevailed.  I remember the day after the accident I didn't have much hope of ever regaining the car's lost value.  The insurance company said that they didn't pay diminished value in California.  But with my persistence and your assistance I recovered a sum that will help cover that diminished value.  There was no way I could have received this payout without your help! Thanks,

Mike Aver

We just wanted to say THANK YOU for your work on our diminished value claim.  We wanted to share the outcome with you as it may assist you in helping a customer in a similar situation down the road.  As you will remember, our diminished value claim was a bit more tricky because we have a leased vehicle we plan to purchase at the end of the lease agreement.  The full $6,995 Richard estimated for the diminished value of the BMW was paid with no question as to the accuracy of the report.  The only question was who the payment needed to be made to, which ultimately ended up being BMW Financial, the legal owner, who will hold this money on our account and directly apply it towards the already agreed upon purchase price of the car at the end of the lease term.  So while the settlement doesn't directly benefit us right this minute, it will down the road when we become the legal owners.  We are very satisfied with this conclusion.  Surprisingly, Safeco has also agreed to reimburse us the fee we paid to you.

I was a former claims adjuster up until May of this year and I had seen many DV claims come through.  I can say that I have never seen an insurance company pay the full amount of DV demanded.  Your company was very professional, timely and complete with the report you provided to us and we are very appreciative.  Thank you again,

Diana J.

Mr. Hixenbaugh, Thank you for your efforts with our diminished value claim versus the insurance company. Your appraisal and the response letter was the catalyst to move the insurance company into serious negotiating. After sending your appraisal report, the insurance company doubled their initial offer and we accepted.

David Mayo

You have helped me with my diminished value claim, and I say thank you.  I just received a call today agreeing to a drop of $15,500 in value, and a check is in the mail.  Please use me as a reference.

Dave Carson

I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR AN EXCELLENT SERVICE.  I cannot believe how long my insurance took to resolve my case, but with your help everything turned out great.  My Cayenne is perfect and I got more than expected for my diminished value.  I will be more than happy to refer your business to all my friends and family.  I really was impressed with your customer service and professionalism.  Many Thanks,

Kyle Lisboa

I finally resolved my DV claim with the insurance company. They agreed to pay me the full $5,700.00 indicated in your report. Thank you for all your help. I couldn't have done this without your expert knowledge. The service you provide is top notch. The appraisers that were sent by the insurance company to inspect my vehicle knew who you were and said they thought you did good work. I will definitly recommend your services to friends and family. If I ever have a problem like this again, I will definitly give you a call. If you ever need a reference, let me know.

Todd Fetterly

Wow, What a service!!! Diminished Value Claims, most of us probably do not know it even exists, until we get a check in the mail from the insurance company, with little explanation.  I had heard a little about it, researched a bit and ran across your web-site.  Thank goodness for that.

Richard, you and your staff are great!! You all kept me well informed and guided me through the whole process.  You took me from a $1,300 offer to a whopping $4,850 with my claim.  I am completely satisfied and highly recommend your service.  Thank you,

Scott James

I want to sincerely thank you for the time and professional manner in which you conducted your business, we made a lot of believers out of some people who doubted I would get the proverbial "red cent" out of an insurance company.  You will be highly recommended by me in the future to anyone who might be in need of a service such as yours.  Sincerely,

Jeff B.

I'm sorry that it has taken a while to check back in, but please know that my claim was settled for the FULL amount of my report.  I was also reimbursed for the cost of the report.  My claim was with State Farm in Louisiana.  I just wanted to pass this along to you in hopes that I may encourage others to use your services.  It took a couple of letters and I stood my ground, but remained professional.  Your information was easy to understand and use.

I am very pleased with my entire experience with your company and have told many friends.  I received over ten times my original offer.  Gratefully,

Nicole Williams

Hello Richard. I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your diminished value report, I received about three times what the insurance company originally offered. I want to thank you again for all your help, expertise and most I AM WRITING TO LET YOU KNOW THAT State Farm has Totaled our vehicle.

We had been dealing with the same obstinate and deceptive claim rep for two weeks to no avail.  Until we hired you, his best offer to us was a repaired vehicle and a paltry $67.50 for diminished value.  He was adamant that his offer was fair and pursuant to 17C.

After faxing our demand letter and the DV report that you prepared for us, and seeing that it was routed to a supervisor, our claim was immediately forwarded to the Total Loss Department.  State Farm promises to have a check for us in the morning for $11,272.25.  Your report and advice helped us do in 36 hours what we had not been able to get done in two weeks.

We would highly recommend Collision Claim Associates to anyone in a similar position.  Sincerely,

Holly & Jason B.

I want to thank Collision Claim Associates for their help in getting me my diminished value claim accepted by my insurance on my FIRST contact with them!!!  I must admit that I had my reservations at first about using Collision Claims Associates.  However, when I first called CCA, the representative was very courteous and helpful.  He answered all of my questions and was very succinct in explaining why I should use CCA as opposed to the many other diminished value services I had found on the web.

The whole process was truly easy, quick, and hassle-free.  I got my report within a few days, mailed it to my insurance company, and I received my diminished value check from them a few days afterwards with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

I am sure that you will not be disappointed with CCA's services, and their service was worth every penny!  Thanks again,

Joseph Valenzuela

Using Collision Claim Associates was on of the best decisions I've ever made.  The insurance company actually paid the full amount of Collision Claim's estimate.  This service more than paid for itself.  I greatly appreciate all their help and professionalism.  Thanks so much!

Al Fernety

I am really sorry for the delay because I wanted to write you a thank-you note as soon as I got a check from the at-fault insurance for the exact amount that was quoted in your appraisal report.  As soon as I got your diminished value report package, I filed your appraisal report to the insurance on September 29th and within 30 days, I got a check of $3,775.  The insurance company also fully reimbursed me for the cost of your appraisal fee.  I am 100% pleased with the result that your appraisal service delivered for me.  Before using your service, the insurance company representative and the supervisor were only willing to offer me $2,000 for the diminished value claim.  After filing your report, the insurance claim representative and supervisor were able to pay me more than what they had offered.  I will be more than happy to refer my friends and family to your company for auto insurance claim service.  Again, I appreciate your professional service.  Sincerely,

Larry Nguyen

Hello Richard. I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your diminished value report, I received about three times what the insurance company originally offered. I want to thank you again for all your help, expertise and most of all the information you gave me. An informed consumer is the only type that will come out ahead these days and with your help that is exactly what I became. Thank you.

Rob Hirsh

Thanks so much for your excellent assistance in helping us recover the loss of value to our Ford Conversion Van. The whole process was easy, prompt and very professional to say the least. In the future I will highly recommend anybody I know to seek the services of Collision Claim Associates for assistance in appraisals and those impossible to acquire proof documents which Insurance Companies ask for, yet nobody was found to provide until we came across your website. In the spirit of giving honor where honor is due, God has once more provided my needs by using the services of the very helpful people at Collision Claim Associates. It really works.

The Deering Family

Thank you. I agree with you 100% and am happy I got $3,000.00.  A's for your service it is great and I will definitely tell people about it if any of my freinds/family are in the same situation.

Brett Huffman


I am writing you today to express my deep appreciation for your help with my Diminished Value Claim. I had never heard of this until my salesman mentioned it.  I then began my search for information in the internet regarding this. I came across Collision Claim Associates. Everything I read on their website was so interesting. I finally decided to email them and I was amazed at the quick response. Mr. Hixenbaugh was informative and responsive to my every question. His assistance and guidance made things go very smoothly. For just a small fee he was able to assist me in getting what I deserved and I can't thank him enough for showing me how to get what I so rightfully deserved. Believe me Collision Claim Associates, Inc. is "A" number one.

Debbe Rosenthal

I thought you and your associates might be interested in hearing a success story that was brought about from your work. I purchased a diminished value report from Collision Claim Associates, Inc. to show the diminished value of my Jeep Cherokee Sport. I submitted the report to the lawyer who was defending (for the insurance company) the small claims suit I had filed against the at fault party. After reading your report they have decided to to settle for the full amount of $2,650.00 indicated by Richard Hixenbaugh in the report as well as the court costs. Thank you so much for your help.

Kristopher Jones


Hi Richard. I am very pleased to let you know that the insurance company paid the full amount you determined in your diminished value analysis. They did send another estimator to make an appraisal and apparently agreed with your report. Thank you for your thorough report and assistance.

William Moye

Hello Richard, We have reached a settlement on our loss. The information from you was very helpful. The insurance company took it very much into consideration. Thank you.

Dwayne Owens

I just wanted to let you know that the vehicle valuation report you prepared helped me recover an additional $900.00 from State Farm. I appreciate your service.

Gerald Shaw
TOTAL LOSS VALUATION - Settled for $900.00 more than the insurance company offered

Just wanted to let you know that my diminished value claim was settled last week. I really appreciate your thorough report. By including your credentials, you helped me with my negotiations, as the insurance company could not reasonably discount your findings. Initially, I was very reluctant to spend the money for the diminished value report from Collision Claim Associates. Looking back now, I'm really glad I did. I recovered more than five times the amount I spent for the report. After the insurance company received your report, they had their own independent  appraiser review my DV claim. This company valued my claim at $1320.00. I pointed out to the insurance company that your report was much more thorough and you had better qualifications for making your determination. As a result, I was successful in negotiating the higher amount. I will strongly recommend you to any of my friends or family who find themselves in this situation. Thanks Again.

Jill Parsons

I have mentioned your company to several people (since my accident) because you actually helped me decide how to approach the whole matter with the insurance company.  I also knew that if it came down to "push vs. shove" you were there and I ABSOLUTELY would have used your services.  You really know your stuff!  If any of my friends or family are involved in accidents (God forbid), I will most definitely send them your way.  Thank you,

Robin McCullough

Thank you for your honest reply.  It is probably not worth pursuing a claim in this case.  It's not often that a firm will take time to give an honest answer when they do not stand to gain anything.  I appreciate this.

Michael Taylor

It took seven months, four letters, and several phone calls to get State Farm to seriously negotiate my claim.  However, I got my money's worth and then some from Collision Claim Associates throughout the process.  Thanks to Collision Claim's appraisal and advice, State Farm's reimbursement went from an initial offer of less than $200 to a final settlement of $2,650.  The guidance and support provided by Collision Claims enabled me to fight my own battle against State Farm, and winning that battle was not only gratifying, but empowering.  Thanks again Richard!

Dianne James

I want to thank you.  I received 100% of the claim that I filed with my insurance company.  I followed your instructions and received a certified check for the ENTIRE amount of your appraisal- no questions asked.  The relatively small investment I made in your services resulted in a 549% return in the form of a $4,550 check from my insurance company.  Amazing.  It was the best service I hope to never need again!  Thank you,

John C.

I appreciate the work your company has done and the follow-up.  I'm glad to report that the Insurance Company has agreed to settle the Diminished Value claim for the full amount that your Appraiser's report showed ($3,875).

Although the Insurance Company did not pay for the appraisal fee, they had made me aware of this before I pursued the Diminished Value claim.  I knew in advance that the cost would be an out-of-pocket expense on my part.

I feel that the work your company has provided and the undisputed settlement that took less than a week, was well worth the cost.

I will highly recommend your company to anyone that might need your services in the future.  Keep up the professional work that you do.  It is nice to do business with quality organizations, such as yours, on-line.  Thanks,

Carolyn H.

I JUST WANTED TO THANK ALL OF YOU AT Collision Claim Associates.  We just received a check from the insurance company for $3,600.  While it was not all of our claim, it was most of it, and we would not have been able to ask for any reimbursement without your help.  (And the only reason it wasn't all of it, is because the policy limits were not enough.)  All of the paperwork you sent us was exactly what they needed.  I will highly recommend you to anyone else that ever needs your services.  And, during the inspection, the inspector alerted us to a repair that was not finished, or not done properly.  So we returned our truck to have them fix it.  We would probably not have seen this, and not known about it until there was a problem. (Which there would have been eventually if this cover was not put back on properly.) so thank you to all!!

Vickie Kari

Just a quick note to say thanks and bring you up to date.  We followed the instructions, and I'm happy to report that we have received a check in the amount of $5,595.  It took quite a while to settle, but that was mostly our fault (we really took our time).  Our original demand was for $5,945, they countered with an offer of $2,500.  We lowered our demand to $5,595, essentially removing the appraisal fee from the demand.  From there we just took our time, held our ground. Several letters later we received our check.

Thank you so much for your help.  You have our business and referrals going forward.  Thanks again,

Scott & Kayla Taylor

Hey, just wanted to let you know that on late Wednesday afternoon my car was finally totaled.  I was able to get $18,632 from the settlement.  They included the tax and valued the car for the purpose of the settlement at $17,700 versus the "used" value of the car.  Everything worked out wonderfully and I owe much of it to you and your service.  Being able to put an independent name behind an independent appraisal apparently spoke volumes.  Thank you again.  If anyone I know is ever unfortunate enough to be in an accident they'll at least be fortunate enough to have your services.

Matt Liverette

I am happy to report that after extensive negotiations and an initial offer by Progressive Insurance of $200 for my Diminished Value Claim, Progressive has paid $2,000 for my Diminished Value Claim.  That is ten times the amount of their initial offer.

Your support and insight has been of inestimable value.  I would not have had such a solid basis for my Diminished Value Claim without your assistance.  Thank you!

David Kanz

Mission accomplished 6 months, 6 letters, and a few phone calls later, then $5,000 in my bank account thanks to Collision Claim Associates Inc.!!  Thank you so much for your time, direction and most of all you patience with me.  I am another satisfied customer to add to your list.  Wow! What a ride the insurance companies tried to take me on when the collision had occurred by their insurer and my corvette!  With persistence, your guidance and your knowledge of your expertise!  I am a true believer!  Please feel free to give my recommendations to any customer that is not a believer in you guys!! You're the best!!  Thank you again!  I am a true advocate for Collision Claim Associates Inc. for sure!!

Judy P.