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Diminished Value Appraisals

Diminished Value Appraisal

What is a Diminished Value Appraisal?

A Diminished Value Appraisal is the determination of the loss of value, suffered by a vehicle that has been damaged and repaired. Only a competent professional who has the required knowledge, training and experience can make this determination.

Our Diminished Value Appraisal Reports

Each of our diminished value appraisal reports include the following elements:

  • An inspection of your vehicle or photo review to document options, condition and completion of repairs.
  • A detailed review and analysis of your final repair documentation.
  • A description of what happens to a damaged & repaired vehicle in the marketplace.
  • A description of the type & extent of damage to your vehicle, including identification of structural, suspension and safety related components.
  • A determination of the pre-damage value of your vehicle.
  • A determination of the post-repair value of your vehicle.
  • A determination of the diminished value of your vehicle.
  • A listing of the background, experience and certifications of the appraiser who wrote the report.
  • A professionally written report that complies with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).
  • Detailed instructions, sample claim demand letter and ongoing technical support

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