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Problem Claim Consultations

Problem Claim Consultation

You’ve Got Questions…We’ve Got Answers!

Our auto claim experts can cut through the bull and provide you with straight answers and sound advice. We provide consultations for:

  • Problem Diminished Value Claims
  • You Think Your Vehicle Should Be Totaled
  • Uninsured Motorist Claims
  • At-Fault Party Has Minimal Coverage
  • Your First Right To Be Made Whole
  • Theft Claims
  • The Repair Process
  • Rental Reimbursement or Loss of Use Compensation
  • Aftermarket or Salvage Parts
  • Towing & Storage Charges, or any other aspect of your Auto Damage Claim

A comprehensive consultation is just $35.00. The consultation fee will be applied to any of our full appraisal services.

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Get the answers you need with our independent consultation service.

Purpose & Scope: This is an order for our vehicle Problem Claim Consultation Services. The fee charged is for a one-time consultation. Each further consultation will be a separate charge. I certify and understand that Collision Claim Associates, Inc., it agents, representatives and appraisers are not engaged in the practice of law. That none of the information contained in the website, nor any of the information obtained during any verbal conversation is meant to be or offered as legal advice. The services and reports offered are limited to that of vehicle appraisal and the purposes for which those services might be used. All reports and documents available for purchase, are sold on an as is basis and represent the opinions and conclusions of Collision Claim Associates, Inc. and its appraisers. There is no warranty written or expressed as to the purpose or intended use of the reports or documentation provided.

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