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Diminished Value Qualification Quiz

Take our short diminished value qualification quiz to see if your situation qualifies you to make a diminished value claim.

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Free Diminished Value Claim Review

This is where it all starts. Our free diminished value claim review will provide you with the answers you need to make educated decisions.

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Problem Claim Consultation

Our auto claim experts can cut through the bull and provide you with straight answers and sound advice.

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Diminished Value Appraisals

A Diminished Value Appraisal is the determination of the loss of value, suffered by a vehicle that has been damaged and repaired. Only a competent professional who has the required knowledge, training and experience can make this determination.

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Expert Witness Court Testimony

In the vast majority of situations, your claim will be settled without the need for you to file a law suit. In fact, when our services are utilized, less than 1% require the filing of a lawsuit. However, if the need should arise, your Collision Claim Associates appraiser is available to provide expert testimony.

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