It all started with a check from State Farm for $575 labeled for “DV”  and was sent along with the check for our Highlander repair after our accident.  Not really knowing what this was for, I called the insurance company who quickly told me I could cash the check, it was mine to keep.  I told them I would have to investigate the matter further for myself.  I then found Collision Claim Associates via the internet and gave them a call.  They immediately advised me this was too low of an offer but I was at first reluctant to fork over money for a report I wasn’t sure would benefit me financially.   But after reading the testimonials provided on their site I decided to give them a try.  It turns out the testimonials were true, after months of negotiations (and patience dealing with the insurance company) with Collision Claim Associates helping me all the way, I was able to arrive at a fair settlement.  Collision Claim Associates will not abandon you after they are paid!  The amount went from the original $575 to $2800 (offered twice) then finally settling on $3388 plus half of Collision’s appraisal fee.  Collision Claim Associates are very professional and know exactly how to help you through the insurance companies “dealings”.  Thanks for all your help!  I will recommend you to anyone in the same situation!

Clay Stapp