My husband and I had purchased a Camry in August.  After purchasing the vehicle we parked it for about a week considering the vehicle to be our family car.  On the first day I decided to drive the vehicle less than a week of purchase the car was hit.  The vehicle was parked and the driver of course did not deny it was his fault.  In the incident the damages estimated nearly $7,000.   After getting the vehicle fixed, the insurance company offered my husband and I approximately $1,870.00 for diminishment value on a newly purchased vehicle.  After questioning the insurance company how they came up with this number I was advised that “they were doing me a favor” in settling at that rate.

Thank you Collision Claims Associates for your services.  With your help and education as to what I was entitled to, on the loss of a brand new vehicle that we placed the first miles on, we received the actual diminishment value of our vehicle and were made whole in the amount of $3,423.  I would like to thank the insurance company for “doing me a favor” and that I was wise enough to obtain the services of Collision Claims Associates in settling my case.

David & Sandra Rogers