I want to thank you and your organization for the assistance in presenting my claim for diminished values as compensation for the damage to my Ford Edge.

I settled with State Farm for $4,000.00 which I considered reasonable due to the fact that my Edge still had over 2 years and 30,000 miles still covered by Ford’s factory warranty.  State Farm offered $2,000.00 telling me that: “although West Virginia allows for diminished values, the vehicle must have suffered some frame damage, although mine was minimal”.  My comment was: “like being minimally pregnant”.  The offer of two thousand came with that conversation and I suggested they double it.  They called back the next day and told me that a check for $4,000.00 would be mailed that day.  It was received two days later.

I have driven the vehicle 2500 miles since repairs and I cannot find any problem. I believe it is part tank.  Thanks again.

Denny Cruise