Just wanted to let you know that my diminished value claim was settled last week. I really appreciate your thorough report. By including your credentials, you helped me with my negotiations, as the insurance company could not reasonably discount your findings. Initially, I was very reluctant to spend the money for the diminished value report from Collision Claim Associates. Looking back now, I’m really glad I did. I recovered more than five times the amount I spent for the report. After the insurance company received your report, they had their own independent  appraiser review my DV claim. This company valued my claim at $1320.00. I pointed out to the insurance company that your report was much more thorough and you had better qualifications for making your determination. As a result, I was successful in negotiating the higher amount. I will strongly recommend you to any of my friends or family who find themselves in this situation. Thanks Again.

Jill Parsons