In November of last year I was involved in a car accident, where I was rear ended.  The monetary damage to my four month old car was about 35% of the price I bought the vehicle for.  The insurance of the person that hit me was not willing to pay any diminished value at first, so I hired “Collision Claim Assoc.”, which I found online after extensive research.
The staff with Collision Claims was very knowledgeable, responsive and supportive.  It was a tough fight that lasted about seven months since the insurance company did not want to budge.  With their support I received the full amount of my diminished value.

I am grateful for the help I received from Collision Claims and know that I could have not done this tough job without their knowledge and support.  Collision Claims will always be on top of my list to recommend to anyone that will need help to settle a claim.  Job well done!!!

Katharine Loepfe