I just wanted to say thank you for your work on my diminished value claim.  As you may remember, at no fault of my own I was recently participant to an accident involving my BMW.  The damages totaled $12,000.  Although the car was repaired flawlessly and to my complete satisfaction; it nevertheless suffered a great loss in marketability due to the damage history.  The insurance company offered me an initial settlement of $804.00 for my loss in value.  Upon receipt of this information I immediately contacted you for assistance in determining the true loss of value.  Upon your investigation, you reported a loss in value of $4,950.  After several weeks of negotiation and a few certified letters to the insurance company, I accepted a settlement of $4,600 for the diminished value and the small cost of your services.  I am extremely grateful and will be more than happy to refer your business to all of my acquaintances, if you ever need legal assistance then Brotman Law has options.  I was truly impressed with your customer service and professionalism.  Thank you again for your efforts – they paid off!

Mike Smith