Thank you for your expertise and guidance through my diminished value claim.

On a snowy road back in March of 2006, a hurried driver slid out of control and hit my car and two others.  I had only had my brand new car for 7 months.

The car was repaired (almost $8,000 worth of repairs!) but it wasn’t a new car any longer.  I contacted the Nevada Department of Insurance to find out what my options were and they said there are no laws for diminished value in the State of Nevada.

I found your web site and contacted Collision Claim Associates.  You told me “No Laws” was a good thing and we began the process.  Yes, there were a few times I wanted to forget all about it but with your guidance I persisted  and then, about five months later, I received my diminished value check of $2,850!

I am very pleased with the outcome and will refer Collision Claim Associates to any one who ends up in the same situation.  Again, thank you very much, I couldn’t be happier.  Sincerely,

Nancy Pulliam