I wanted to let you know that I received your appraisal report from you on April 19th and submitted it to the at fault Insurance Company on April 20th.  Because of your expertise in handling this type of service to the public with such ease, I have heard back from them already in order to settle my diminished value claim.  It is now May 2nd, and the person who reviewed the appraisal that was prepared by you stated this was the best appraisal that he had ever seen!  It was so good, he stated it was not inflated, like many others he had seen by other appraisers, and was real; therefore, he will be granting me the full diminished value that you had stated, for the full $1,690.  I want to personally thank you for your expertise and taking the time to do a great job!  It is no wonder you are in the business that you are in.  You really know your stuff!

I did my research to locate you off of the Internet.  I was uncomfortable with the idea of doing business with someone off of the Internet based in another state than where I was located.  Know that I have had a very great experience, I would highly recommend to those who have uneasy feelings, to give it a try.  It was completely a joy to work with you.  Thank you,

Sandra Ruiz-Esparza