I had to take a few minutes to express my gratitude for the outstanding service that your company provides. I am a return customer having used your company on two different occasions and each time having the same rewarding outcome. The first time was in 2005, when my less than one year old Ford Mustang was rear-ended in Virginia. The collision repairs were around $15,000, I wish they would have totaled the car but his insurance company choose not to do that. Your appraiser estimated my diminished value at $4500. After following the guidance you provided, I ended up settling for $3000. This settlement took around 5 months to negotiate and I received many excuses and attempts to get rid of me. The most recent event was a collision with my Yukon XL, which was also less than a year old. If you’re thinking that I am an accident magnet, your slightly wrong or right depending on how you look at it. This time my wife was driving, we were hit from the side and it was deemed the other guys fault. The total damage for the repairs were about $12000. I once again called Collision Claims and received an estimate for my diminished value, this time it was $5650. Dealing with a different insurance company this time, I found myself very frustrated after many months of misdirection. At the six month point, they still had not even admitted that I was entitled to diminished value and I was being routed around the office from adjuster to adjuster. I was frustrated and about to give up. But after my seventh letter my persistence prevailed when I received a call from the Claims Manager making me an offer.  I just received my check for $5000. Mission accomplished!

I cannot thank Collision Claims enough for both of these settlements. They were extremely helpful and provided outstanding support throughout the claim. With the new age of computers and vehicle tracking websites, your car will be labeled forever. I highly recommend spending the money for a diminished value package from this company, it’s worth every penny!  THANKS AGAIN

Steve K.