Just wanted to update you on our diminished value claim status.  To date, only one insurance company (Tennessee Farm Bureau) has accepted any portion of the liability for our accident.  They have accepted 50% of the total liability, and my insurance company is going through arbitration/litigation with two other companies to get the other 50%.  Today, Tennessee Farm Bureau paid us $3,287.50 – exactly 50% of our total diminished value claim.  I will let you know when we get the other 50% resolved with one or both of the other companies.

Update on my DV claim for your records… I just got the second insurance company (Guide One) to pay the other 50% of my claim.  They were trying to make it difficult, but finally reached the point where they knew I wouldn’t go away (too many phone calls, emails, letters to count).  So the end result is I received 100% of my claim – $6,575.00, after waiting it out for a little over 8 months after the accident.  Thank you!

Thomas A.