We just wanted to say THANK YOU for your work on our diminished value claim.  We wanted to share the outcome with you as it may assist you in helping a customer in a similar situation down the road.  As you will remember, our diminished value claim was a bit more tricky because we have a leased vehicle we plan to purchase at the end of the lease agreement.  The full $6,995 Richard estimated for the diminished value of the BMW was paid with no question as to the accuracy of the report.  The only question was who the payment needed to be made to, which ultimately ended up being BMW Financial, the legal owner, who will hold this money on our account and directly apply it towards the already agreed upon purchase price of the car at the end of the lease term.  So while the settlement doesn’t directly benefit us right this minute, it will down the road when we become the legal owners.  We are very satisfied with this conclusion.  Surprisingly, Safeco has also agreed to reimburse us the fee we paid to you.

I was a former claims adjuster up until May of this year and I had seen many DV claims come through.  I can say that I have never seen an insurance company pay the full amount of DV demanded.  Your company was very professional, timely and complete with the report you provided to us and we are very appreciative.  Thank you again,

Diana J.