Dear Richard, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful team for helping me get top dollar for my vehicle’s diminished value.  It’s never easy when you get involved in a major accident the day after you bought your dream car. That’s what happened to me. My Pontiac Trans Am was very severely damaged. The final bill to fix it all was close to $14,000.00.  At first, the insurance company offered to pay me $1,200.00 for my diminished value (that’s after I asked them about it, of course). Since I wasn’t happy with that number, I contacted Richard at Collision Claim Associates. They provided me with a detailed diminished value report and a sample demand letter. The DV report determined I was entitled to $4,500.00.  After going back and forth with the insurance company over several weeks, the insurance company settled my claim for $3,750.00. I was very happy with the outcome as well as the service I received. I’d recommend Collision Claim Associates to anyone I know. Thanks guys.

Fredrick John