Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your service is amazing!!! Not only did you give me expert suggestions and advice in pursuing my diminished value claim, but you were prompt at every turn, attentive to all details, and invaluably helpful.

At Collision Claims there was always a human voice within ready reach or a prompt email response.  Such ease of clear and friendly communications is a rare find these days.

My accident required $12,735 worth of repairs.  Your appraisal report assessed the diminished value to my vehicle at $5,325.  The insured’s insurance company began at $2,676.93.  Wisely relying on your expertise and using patient but assertive negotiation through correspondence, coached all along the way by Collision Claims, I received an amicable settlement of $4,000.

I can hardly believe my good fortune at finding Collision Claim Associates.  Well, actually, you “found” me and within hours in response to what was essentially my random on-line outreach for assistance concerning Diminished Value, a subject I then knew very little about.  You were on the ball from the get-go and followed that same pattern throughout.  All of this plus super results!  Many, many, many thanks.  Very sincerely,

Julia Persky