Having an auto accident is a traumatic experience.  Then dealing with the insurance company makes you feel damaged a second time.  They hold all the cards.  They deal with this daily and their job is not to treat you fair.  In the words of one former agent I spoke with their job is “to keep as much of the money as possible.

I felt the odds were not in my favor until a friend recommended I seek the help of a collision consultant.  You equipped me with information.  You coached me in working through the issues.  You told me what the next move of the insurance company would be.  It made me feel empowered and I felt that the odds were now almost even.  It gave us a great comfort to know what was “fair” and how to achieve it.

The insurance company initially offered me a settlement of $2,372.63 for diminished value.  I sent the check back with a copy of your report stating that the $13,000 worth of repairs, as good as they were, lowered the value of my car by $6,650.  The insurance company called me a week later to say that on further consideration of my case they agreed and the check for $6,650 was in the mail.  It arrived today.

I independently did a much cruder assessment by taking my new automobile back to a dealer friend and worked up the same numbers for current trade in value and loss of value.  Your numbers were right on and the report much more impressive.

Thanks for your help.  I feel it enabled me to be fairly treated.  And more importantly, it let me know I was not alone and gave me great comfort.  Regards,

Mark Schutte