I JUST WANTED TO THANK ALL OF YOU AT Collision Claim Associates.  We just received a check from the insurance company for $3,600.  While it was not all of our claim, it was most of it, and we would not have been able to ask for any reimbursement without your help.  (And the only reason it wasn’t all of it, is because the policy limits were not enough.)  All of the paperwork you sent us was exactly what they needed.  I will highly recommend you to anyone else that ever needs your services.  And, during the inspection, the inspector alerted us to a repair that was not finished, or not done properly.  So we returned our truck to have them fix it.  We would probably not have seen this, and not known about it until there was a problem. (Which there would have been eventually if this cover was not put back on properly.) so thank you to all!!

Vickie Kari