When should a vehicle be considered a total loss?

In most cases a vehicle is considered a total loss when the repair cost will exceed 75% of the value of the vehicle. This is referred to as a financial total loss or economic total loss. This is an insurance industry standard. In most states the insurance company is allowed to repair the vehicle up to 100% of its value.

If repairs are started and additional damage is found pushing the cost over 75% of the value should the vehicle be totaled?

In most cases, once the repairs have begun, the insurance company will not total the vehicle unless the additional damage found is excessive like a damaged engine or transmission.

Does frame damage mean my vehicle is totaled?

No. Most frame damage is repairable. Although it is possible that severe structural or frame damage could render a vehicle a structural total loss.

If my car is totaled, what am I owed?

If your car is totaled, you are owed the fair market value of the vehicle, sales tax and title fees less your deductible if dealing with your own policy.

How does an insurance company determine the fair market value?

Most insurance companies use one of two outside valuation services that provide vehicle values primarily to the insurance industry. You should request a copy of this report to be sure it contains accurate information about your vehicle.

How does Collision Claim Associates assist with total loss appraisals?

As professional vehicle appraisers, we know what your vehicle is worth. We provide services to help you get what you are entitled to. We will review your vehicle, your claim documents and recommend services that get results.

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