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Total Loss Appraisals

Did the insurance company say your vehicle is a Total Loss?

Total Loss ClaimsWhen your car, light truck or SUV is determined to be a total loss appraisals, it is not unusual that the insurance company may make you an initial low ball offer that is below the actual fair market value of your vehicle. In fact, one vehicle value source used by many insurance company to set the value of totaled vehicle has been the subject of several class action law suits as well as state insurance regulators.

There are many factors that determine the true market value of a vehicle. The vehicle’s year, make, model, color, options, mileage, condition, and geographical location are all factors that could influence a particular vehicle’s value. As expert appraisers we know how to determine your vehicle’s actual fair market value.

We offer 2 services to assist vehicle owners with total loss claims.

Vehicle Market Search $145.00

Our Vehicle Market Search is your first step in confirming whether or not the insurance company’s offer is fair, based on the actual market for your vehicle. We will then advise you either that the insurance company’s offer was reasonable or that it is not reasonable and we have located enough information to indicate that the value of your vehicle is higher and we should complete a full appraisal.

If we complete a full appraisal the $145.00 fee for the market search will be applied towards the fee for the full appraisal.

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Total Loss Vehicle Appraisal $495.00

Our Total Loss Vehicle Appraisal includes an inspection of your vehicle to document its overall condition, options and mileage. We then analyze your local market conditions. All this information is then entered into our professionally written appraisal report. This independent, unbiased appraisal will assist you in negotiating a proper settlement of your claim.

We also provide ongoing technical support.

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