Actual Client Testimonials

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Thank you very much for your help and support.  Finally, my third party insurance company agreed to total my car and reimburse all out of pocket expenses.
This is really awesome. Your report and advice worked very well.

 J.Y. Kim

My wife and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you all did for us during our claims process.  I have never had a claim processed as quick and painless as I have working with you all.  The level of detail and professionalism utilized before, during and after our claim was amazing.  The appraisal that was completed on our behalf was so thorough that there was no argument from the insurance company to process our claim in the full amount demanded.  I would be happy to recommend using Collision Claims on any accident to anyone I know and will always do business with them myself if the need ever arises again. Thank You,

Brodie & Erica Paul

Thank you very much for your help. I have received a $5000.00 check from Progressive. It's a big surprise for me. Be quite honest about it, I never expect that I could get more than $2500 diminished value without your professional DV report and instructive directions. I spent a lot of time to search for a real DV expert. The result proofs that my choice is right. You did a great job!


My husband and I had purchased a Camry in August.  After purchasing the vehicle we parked it for about a week considering the vehicle to be our family car.  On the first day I decided to drive the vehicle less than a week of purchase the car was hit.  The vehicle was parked and the driver of course did not deny it was his fault.  In the incident the damages estimated nearly $7,000.   After getting the vehicle fixed, the insurance company offered my husband and I approximately $1,870.00 for diminishment value on a newly purchased vehicle.  After questioning the insurance company how they came up with this number I was advised that “they were doing me a favor” in settling at that rate.

Thank you Collision Claims Associates for your services.  With your help and education as to what I was entitled to, on the loss of a brand new vehicle that we placed the first miles on, we received the actual diminishment value of our vehicle and were made whole in the amount of $3,423.  I would like to thank the insurance company for “doing me a favor” and that I was wise enough to obtain the services of Collision Claims Associates in settling my case.

David & Sandra Rogers

I resolved my DV claim with the insurance company. They agreed to pay me the full $4,150 indicated in your report. Thank you for all your help. Your expert knowledge has helped me a lot and gave me confidence. The service you provide is top notch. The appraisers that were sent by the insurance company to inspect my vehicle knew who you were and said they thought you did good work. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family. If I ever have a problem like this again, I will definitely give you a call.

Sreedhar Yarlagadda

The insurance company initially refused to acknowledge the diminished value of my automobile that was caused by one of its insured. Thanks to the expert and step by step guidance of Collision Claims Associates, I was able to settle my claim for $2,000 more than the insurance company's original offer.  Cheers,

Biagio C.

I had to take a few minutes to express my gratitude for the outstanding service that your company provides. I am a return customer having used your company on two different occasions and each time having the same rewarding outcome. The first time was in 2005, when my less than one year old Ford Mustang was rear-ended in Virginia. The collision repairs were around $15,000, I wish they would have totaled the car but his insurance company choose not to do that. Your appraiser estimated my diminished value at $4500. After following the guidance you provided, I ended up settling for $3000. This settlement took around 5 months to negotiate and I received many excuses and attempts to get rid of me. The most recent event was a collision with my Yukon XL, which was also less than a year old. If you’re thinking that I am an accident magnet, your slightly wrong or right depending on how you look at it. This time my wife was driving, we were hit from the side and it was deemed the other guys fault. The total damage for the repairs were about $12000. I once again called Collision Claims and received an estimate for my diminished value, this time it was $5650. Dealing with a different insurance company this time, I found myself very frustrated after many months of misdirection. At the six month point, they still had not even admitted that I was entitled to diminished value and I was being routed around the office from adjuster to adjuster. I was frustrated and about to give up. But after my seventh letter my persistence prevailed when I received a call from the Claims Manager making me an offer.  I just received my check for $5000. Mission accomplished!

I cannot thank Collision Claims enough for both of these settlements. They were extremely helpful and provided outstanding support throughout the claim. With the new age of computers and vehicle tracking websites, your car will be labeled forever. I highly recommend spending the money for a diminished value package from this company, it's worth every penny!  THANKS AGAIN

Steve K.

Thank you for all of your help with my diminished value claim.  You were completely correct.  The insurance adjusters attempted to "low ball" me with a ridiculous offer.  …it only took two tries for me to get the full claim that I was due.

I was unsure about your service at first, but will recommend you guys if I have any opportunities to do so.  My wife and I thank you for everything that you've helped with.

Charles H.

I really want to thank Collision Claims Associates, Inc. for all their help in assisting me w/my Diminished Value Claim. Richard was there to answer questions or concerns that I had but I dealt with his staff the most which were very knowledgeable & helpful. At first I was somewhat skeptical about working with a company from the internet but after researching & careful consideration, I decided to go with Collision Claims Associates, Inc.

The DV report showed that I was entitled to $6250. The insurance company initially offered a low settlement which I rejected. The second time the insurance co. offered me $6250 which I initially asked for. I found the staff to be very professional & would definitely recommend them. Thank you so much.

Tami G.
DIMINISHED VALUE SETTLED IN FULL $6250 plus appraisal fee

In November of last year I was involved in a car accident, where I was rear ended.  The monetary damage to my four month old car was about 35% of the price I bought the vehicle for.  The insurance of the person that hit me was not willing to pay any diminished value at first, so I hired “Collision Claim Assoc.”, which I found online after extensive research.
The staff with Collision Claims was very knowledgeable, responsive and supportive.  It was a tough fight that lasted about seven months since the insurance company did not want to budge.  With their support I received the full amount of my diminished value.

I am grateful for the help I received from Collision Claims and know that I could have not done this tough job without their knowledge and support.  Collision Claims will always be on top of my list to recommend to anyone that will need help to settle a claim.  Job well done!!!

Katharine Loepfe