Actual Client Testimonials

Real people, real results!

My thanks to you for all your help.  In the attachment you can see that Zurich American Insurance Co. is paying me entirely for your estimate of the diminished value and the cost of your service.  What a deal  and on the first request with no hassle!

Collision Claim Associates made this really easy for me and please feel free to use my experience as a testimony to your professionalism.  Thank you again.  I am telling everyone I know about you.

Andy Kudarauskas

Thanks for the report and advice.  I submitted a formal request to EMC Insurance for diminished value compensation.  Recall that when I asked verbally, the insurance agent said that they do not pay for diminished value in states that do not mandate it so they would not honor my claim.

The same agent called me last week and as you predicted, made a very low offer.  We compromised at a value slightly lower than your appraisal plus all of my expenses.

Thanks so much for your help in bringing about a fair settlement of my claim.  I would have stood little chance of collecting without it.  Take care,

Joe E.

Just a note to say thanks, Allstate played crazy for a month or two but with your information, I had an answer for their every question.  They paid the full amount of the diminished value claim; I absorbed the initial fee for the evaluation.  I was going to have an inspection done anyway for my family's safety and peace of mind.  Thank you,

David S.

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my Diminished Value claim.  I settled with the insurance company for nearly 3 times their initial offer.  Your explanation of your services and on what to expect from the insurance company was extremely helpful.  Too many times good service goes unnoticed and I wanted to take the time to thank you for yours.  Have a great day.

Kevin M.

I'd like to thank you sincerely for your outstanding patience in assisting me.  Through your continual knowledge, awareness of the situation and perseverance we finally settled today with the defendants insurance company.

As a result of your appraisal and explicate report we were able to refuse an offer of $3,000 for diminished value and agree on a compensation of $10,000.

Although I believed I had adequately documented my ideas of the claim, I didn't stand a chance without your patient guidance.

Thanks again for putting up with my many phone calls, and especially for showing such a professional approach to a problem many have, and many more will have, who aren't aware of the severe impact diminished value has from an accident.

Although your help was great, I hope not to have the need for your services again.

Robert Clark

I just wanted to let you all know that I received a call today from the lady at Farm Bureau.  The first response letter that they sent back to me only offered me $215 for my loss.  I laughed at them. So, after many letters and threats she finally agreed to settle.  I am meeting with her today to sign off on my check for the full amount of my claim along with the appraisal fee which amounts to $3,495.  I want to thank you all so much for your help and guidance.  I could not have done it without y'all.  God Bless!!!

Holly Jackson

Thank you for your expertise and guidance through my diminished value claim.

On a snowy road back in March of 2006, a hurried driver slid out of control and hit my car and two others.  I had only had my brand new car for 7 months.

The car was repaired (almost $8,000 worth of repairs!) but it wasn't a new car any longer.  I contacted the Nevada Department of Insurance to find out what my options were and they said there are no laws for diminished value in the State of Nevada.

I found your web site and contacted Collision Claim Associates.  You told me "No Laws" was a good thing and we began the process.  Yes, there were a few times I wanted to forget all about it but with your guidance I persisted  and then, about five months later, I received my diminished value check of $2,850!

I am very pleased with the outcome and will refer Collision Claim Associates to any one who ends up in the same situation.  Again, thank you very much, I couldn't be happier.  Sincerely,

Nancy Pulliam

I had over $12K in damages and my insurance company offered me only $1,200 for the diminished value.  After hiring Collision Claims they came back at $3,995.  I sent over the claim with a demand letter. My insurance company hired an independent company and the came back at $3,800.  I was then offered an average of the 2 values.  By hiring Collision Claims I was able to get over $2,500 more than my insurance company originally offered.  Thanks for you help and expertise.  Thanks

Britt K.

Just wanted to let you know that I've settled with Nationwide for the amount of $1,800.  Thank you for all the time you and your company put into my case.  I will recommend your company to friends and family who have a diminished value claim and need guidance, you did a great job assisting me.  Thank you,

Jeff G.

Thought that I'd send you a quick note that I was at long last able to pull a representative Diminished Valuation settlement from the good folks at State Farm Insurance!

From the time they sent me their low ball DV settlement check of $757, through final settlement (which is over seven times their first try).  I never would have been able to navigate the insurance company minefield without Collision Claims guiding me through.  Thanks much for the service and support!  I really received a great return in my investment!

Tom Kurtz

Thank you again for all of your help with our claim.  Lizzie and I are very pleased with the level of service the You and your company provided to us.  Professionalism and Efficiency are 2 words that come to mind when I think of our experience with your service.  I don't want to forget Kindness either.  We will recommend your company to anyone that we should come across that has been in a recent accident.  DV is still that hidden secret that is slowly coming to the surface.  I know we aren't quite finished yet, but we wanted you all to know how pleased we are with your service.  Keep up the excellent work!!  Sincerely,

Mark P.

State Farm offered $2,500 to start with in November.  After I rejected that offer, State Farm upped the offer to $4,500.  At that time, I told State Farm that I had sent them a comprehensive report of diminished value of the car from Collision Claims.  I told State Farm, that I wanted the $7,500 that Collision Claims report said was the diminished value of the car, unless they could prove otherwise.  State Farm had a diminished value report made, in February, it came back at $6,800.  State Farm said they would pay the $7,500 when they decided that I was not going to give up.  Thanks for your help,

Ben Glass

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for a service well done.  When I received a check from my insurance company for $46.92 for diminished value my first impression was complete disbelief.  I had purchased the used vehicle less than six months ago for $14,000, and had sustained over $5,000 in damages.  After contacting my adjuster and being given an extremely complex convoluted bunch of gobalty gook as an explanation in justification of this ridiculous diminished value appraisal, I felt I was being made the fool.

After locating and contacting you I felt that you used an intelligent well-thought out method for determining a more accurate measurement of my vehicle's true diminished value.  I also appreciate the assistance and step by step approach in dealing with the insurance company.

Consider me a very satisfied customer.  Thank you,

Larry Ciccarello

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my diminishment of value claim on the Chevy Tahoe Z71.  You will be happy to know that I received $3,000 from the other party's insurance.  Thank you so much for expert guidance and to all your staff for their excellence in helping me.  Thanks again,

Michele Briganti

When my Z06 Corvette sustained more than $13K in damages and the party at fault's insurance company offered me $800 in diminished value, Collision Claims came to the rescue.  They appraised my car and walked me through the process of taking the insurance company on to obtain a fair settlement.  A few short weeks later I settled with the insurance company for $4,600.  The investment of time & money with Collision Claims was well worth it.

Paul Caetano

Thank you for providing such a valuable service to your clients.  Had I not contacted you I would have never received the $2,000 settlement on my diminished value claim.  Your staff made the process as simple as possible for me, and provided prompt 5-star customer service the entire way.  These guys are for real, and they get results! Sincerely,

Cyrus S.

After my insurance company reviewed the 6 pages of damage and diminished value, plus the demand to total my truck, they did Total it.  I want to thank you for the great work you did on my behalf.  Your sense of urgency and making the problem yours, plus all the great tips on pushing for it to be totaled were invaluable.  I am sure that without your info I would not have been able to get this truck totaled.  Thank for a Happy Christmas,

John Rubin

Collision Claim Associates expertise and perseverance resulted in nearly quadrupling the diminished value payment from my insurance company.  From first appraisal, all the way through arbitration, it was a fight to the finish and I could not have done it without Collision Claims.  They were always there, in close contact with me, in my effort to retrieve the money the insurance company owed me.  The one-time fee to Collision Claims was more than worth it.

Lynne R.

Thank you to you and your company for all of your help!  I was able to settle with State Farm for $3,500!!  Much more than I expected and I know I would not have been able to come anywhere close to that amount to that amount if it wasn't for your assistance.  I really appreciate everything you did for me.

Randy H.

A guy ran a red light and broadsided my brand new $36k truck.  Luckily no one was hurt but I was still devastated by the damage done to my pride and joy that I had worked so hard to get.  Fortunately the guy was insured and while my truck was in the shop a coworker educated me about diminished value claims. I started doing some research and came across Collision Claim Associates on the web.  I was very impressed with Mr. Hixenbaugh's credentials so I gave him a call.  He in turn provided me with a very concise vehicle valuation appraisal report that detailed the inherent diminished value of my truck.  Collision Claim Associates stepped me through each correspondence with the insurance company by providing me guidance.  In the end I received $3,500 from the insurance company for the diminished value of my vehicle.

Jeff Ezzell

I recently finished doing business with you all.  Thanks so much for making the process so much easier.  The appraised diminished value was $3,775 and the insurance came back and said that the 17C formula said I should get $2,500.  Because of the information I learned from you guys, I told him the 17C formula is wrong, and he then met me in the middle at $3,137.50.  Even then I worked him up to $3,500.  Without you guys, I would have got NOTHING back from them.  We even called the insurance company many times asking for a Diminished Value Report and what did we get, no response.  Thanks again and I hope I'M lucky enough not to get in another accident, but if I do, I know who I will come back to for a DV report.

Dustin Delgado

I am happy to inform you that I have further discussed with St. Pauls and settled this claim for $4,400.  I have also received the cheque against this amount.  It was a great help and directions from your end which has made this claim a successful one.  I appreciate the help you have done in this regard.

Ashok S.

I wanted to thank you for your help with my diminished value claim.  I have decided to accept Allstate's latest offer of $4,590 for diminished value compensation.  I was successful in getting $2,100 more in DV compensation than originally offered by Allstate, thanks to your DV report and assistance.  Sincerely,

Chad Norman

Just a note to let you know I received the check from the insurance company to satisfy my diminished value claim.  It certainly paid off involving your company in negotiating a diminished value that seemed more in line than the amount the insurance company first offered.  I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who may need your services in the future.  Thanks for your service and help.

Mike Shivers

I am writing as another satisfied customer of Collision Claim Associates.  I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical when you told me you thought you could get me anywhere from 2 to 10 times the original payment of $480 for the diminished value of my vehicle.  Well, you did just that -  they have agreed to pay me an additional $3,070 for a total of $3,500, which is almost 7 ½ times their original offer!  This is the exact amount that you detailed report said the correct diminished value payment should be.  The interesting thing was that I did not even have to do any negotiating, your investigation and report made that unnecessary.  Thank you so much for your help.  I have passed your name, phone number and web site information to my fellow employees recommending your services.

David Crosby

Having an auto accident is a traumatic experience.  Then dealing with the insurance company makes you feel damaged a second time.  They hold all the cards.  They deal with this daily and their job is not to treat you fair.  In the words of one former agent I spoke with their job is "to keep as much of the money as possible.

I felt the odds were not in my favor until a friend recommended I seek the help of a collision consultant.  You equipped me with information.  You coached me in working through the issues.  You told me what the next move of the insurance company would be.  It made me feel empowered and I felt that the odds were now almost even.  It gave us a great comfort to know what was "fair" and how to achieve it.

The insurance company initially offered me a settlement of $2,372.63 for diminished value.  I sent the check back with a copy of your report stating that the $13,000 worth of repairs, as good as they were, lowered the value of my car by $6,650.  The insurance company called me a week later to say that on further consideration of my case they agreed and the check for $6,650 was in the mail.  It arrived today.

I independently did a much cruder assessment by taking my new automobile back to a dealer friend and worked up the same numbers for current trade in value and loss of value.  Your numbers were right on and the report much more impressive.

Thanks for your help.  I feel it enabled me to be fairly treated.  And more importantly, it let me know I was not alone and gave me great comfort.  Regards,

Mark Schutte

Dear Richard, we received payment for $760.00 from Eire Ins. group.  They said that they did not pay diminished value claims.  Guess what, the magistrate said that they would and they did. Thank you.

Russell Delozier
Our DV report was admitted as evidence in small claims court. Awarded $760.00.

I want to express my appreciation for your help in pursuing my diminished value claim against the auto liability insurer who insured the party responsible for my vehicle's damage.  As the result of the collision, my automobile sustained almost $11,000 in repair cost.  You reviewed the repairs to my vehicle and gave me a report evaluating the diminished value loss to my vehicle. After I demanded diminished value damages in addition to the repair cost, the responsible party's insurer offered to pay approximately $1,700 for my diminished value loss.  Your evaluation of my loss was much greater than their offer which they refused to increase.

With the assistance of your report and testimony in Small Claims Court, the Judge awarded me damages that approximated the amount of your estimate of my loss.  The insured's attorney did file an appeal of this award to the Superior Court.  However, by obtaining the Small Claims Court award, I was able to negotiate a settlement of almost 3 times their original offer without having to obtain an attorney that would have meant incurring substantial legal expense.

Thanks again for your assistance in evaluating and testifying to my diminished value damages that allowed me to eventually reach a more reasonable settlement of my claim with the auto liability insurer.  Yours Sincerely,

John Gafford

I would like to thank you for your help in providing a diminished value report, it helped tremendously in settling my claim for my loss.  I thought I would let you know that I settled for $5,000, which was only $2,500 under your initial evaluation.  Thanks again,

Kyle Hart

Atlantic Mutual has settled my claim for $3,022, which I have obviously accepted.  This quick and positive disposition of this matter is undoubtedly a direct result of your professional advice and direction.  Thank you for your help, and I will most assuredly recommend you and your company to anyone I know who might need your services.

Charles Fassinger

I wanted to let you know that I received your appraisal report from you on April 19th and submitted it to the at fault Insurance Company on April 20th.  Because of your expertise in handling this type of service to the public with such ease, I have heard back from them already in order to settle my diminished value claim.  It is now May 2nd, and the person who reviewed the appraisal that was prepared by you stated this was the best appraisal that he had ever seen!  It was so good, he stated it was not inflated, like many others he had seen by other appraisers, and was real; therefore, he will be granting me the full diminished value that you had stated, for the full $1,690.  I want to personally thank you for your expertise and taking the time to do a great job!  It is no wonder you are in the business that you are in.  You really know your stuff!

I did my research to locate you off of the Internet.  I was uncomfortable with the idea of doing business with someone off of the Internet based in another state than where I was located.  Know that I have had a very great experience, I would highly recommend to those who have uneasy feelings, to give it a try.  It was completely a joy to work with you.  Thank you,

Sandra Ruiz-Esparza

I knew my vehicle had suffered inherent diminished value and that I was entitled to a benefit.  I'm the kind of person who has trouble asking for what is rightfully his.  Knowing that Collision Claim Associates was there to support me gave me extra confidence and I was able to easily negotiate a settlement of $3,500.

Robert Ruggles

GEICO and I reached settlement on my diminished value claim for $5,250. If you recall CCA reported a Diminished Value  appraisal of $6.150. I am pleased with the results and this amount of settlement would not have been possible without your organization's professional assistance. Your advice and guidance  was timely, sound and persuasive greatly aiding my ability to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Feel free to use me as a reference if I can be of assistance.

Please thank your team for me.

Fred Anderson

Dear Collision Claims:

We just received a check from State Farm for the full amount of the appraised diminished value of our car plus reimbursement for the fee paid to Collision Claims.  We feel that we received excellent service and guidance from your company.  Thank you very much.

Tom Ranz
Diminished Value Claim Settled in full $3275.00 Plus the cost of our fee

I want to thank you and your organization for the assistance in presenting my claim for diminished values as compensation for the damage to my Ford Edge.

I settled with State Farm for $4,000.00 which I considered reasonable due to the fact that my Edge still had over 2 years and 30,000 miles still covered by Ford's factory warranty.  State Farm offered $2,000.00 telling me that: "although West Virginia allows for diminished values, the vehicle must have suffered some frame damage, although mine was minimal".  My comment was: "like being minimally pregnant".  The offer of two thousand came with that conversation and I suggested they double it.  They called back the next day and told me that a check for $4,000.00 would be mailed that day.  It was received two days later.

I have driven the vehicle 2500 miles since repairs and I cannot find any problem. I believe it is part tank.  Thanks again.

Denny Cruise

I just received my diminished value check in the mail from Allstate in the amount of $2200! This is $1800 more than what I initially got out of them. Thanks so much!

Thad Anglin

I just FINALLY received my check from Progressive.  I wanted to thank you guys for all of your help.  I can't count the number of times I talked to Rosemary on the phone with her coaching me on what to say to the insurance adjuster and how to hold my ground.  It was a long road (7 months).... lots of letters, phone calls and headaches but it was worth it.  With your help, I was able to collect $1,600 from Progressive for my diminished value.  I consider that a fair settlement considering they were originally only offering to give me $150.   Thanks again!  Happy New Year!

Carey Rodwin

I would like to thank you and the team at Collision Claims for your very professional service.  My Toyota Camry was less than one year old when it sustained over $10,000 of damage in an accident.  I submitted a diminished value claim to the self-insured trucking company that was responsible for the damage.  They paid my claim of $4325.00 which included the appraisal fee without any problems.  I am sure that the professionally prepared claim was the key to this successful settlement.  Sincerely,

Chuck G.

In December, I was hit head-on by a postal truck.  Remarkably, no one was hurt, and my car wasn't totaled, although it had nearly 9500 worth of damage.  When we picked up the car, it looked fine, but we were concerned that the repairs were done correctly, and we were also concerned about the diminished value of our car, a Prius, which usually has high resale value.  I contacted Collision Claim Associates, who sent out an inspector, sent us a detailed report along with pages of suggestions.  We submitted the claim ourselves, and today received a check for our demand, over $4000 in Diminished Value, including the Collision Claims fee.   Thank you for all of your help.

S. Flaherty

I just wanted to say thank you.  Your top-notch patience was extremely helpful in helping me complete my diminished value claim against a difficult insurance company.  I sincerely appreciate your hard work and diligence.  Thanks again,

Chris Fink

I just wanted to say thank you for your work on my diminished value claim.  As you may remember, at no fault of my own I was recently participant to an accident involving my BMW.  The damages totaled $12,000.  Although the car was repaired flawlessly and to my complete satisfaction; it nevertheless suffered a great loss in marketability due to the damage history.  The insurance company offered me an initial settlement of $804.00 for my loss in value.  Upon receipt of this information I immediately contacted you for assistance in determining the true loss of value.  Upon your investigation, you reported a loss in value of $4,950.  After several weeks of negotiation and a few certified letters to the insurance company, I accepted a settlement of $4,600 for the diminished value and the small cost of your services.  I am extremely grateful and will be more than happy to refer your business to all of my acquaintances.  I was truly impressed with your customer service and professionalism.  Thank you again for your efforts – they paid off!

Mike Smith

I highly recommend Collision Claim Associates for determining diminished value of my truck.  The other party who was responsible was insured with Geico.   Their offer for diminished value was $1320.00.  I used Collision Claim Associates to get an independent diminished value of my truck.  Richard Hixenbaugh of Collision Claim Associates freely gave me additional advice on how to proceed with my claim against Geico.  My final settlement with Geico was $3100.00.  As a direct result of Collision Claim Associates participation, I received $1780.00 more than Geico’s initial offer for diminished value!  Sincerely,

Tim Young

I was just emailing to let you know that I have received payment on my claim.  State Farm paid $3000.00.  (They did argue the cost of the appraisal fee, but they ended up paying that as well.)

Thank you so much for your report.  It was much more than I expected.  I think the content of your report was why State Farm paid so quickly.  I wouldn't hesitate to use you again (but I hope I won't have to for a little while).  Again thanks for a positive experience.

Cindy Hood

It all started with a check from State Farm for $575 labeled for "DV"  and was sent along with the check for our Highlander repair after our accident.  Not really knowing what this was for, I called the insurance company who quickly told me I could cash the check, it was mine to keep.  I told them I would have to investigate the matter further for myself.  I then found Collision Claim Associates via the internet and gave them a call.  They immediately advised me this was too low of an offer but I was at first reluctant to fork over money for a report I wasn't sure would benefit me financially.   But after reading the testimonials provided on their site I decided to give them a try.  It turns out the testimonials were true, after months of negotiations (and patience dealing with the insurance company) with Collision Claim Associates helping me all the way, I was able to arrive at a fair settlement.  Collision Claim Associates will not abandon you after they are paid!  The amount went from the original $575 to $2800 (offered twice) then finally settling on $3388 plus half of Collision's appraisal fee.  Collision Claim Associates are very professional and know exactly how to help you through the insurance companies "dealings".  Thanks for all your help!  I will recommend you to anyone in the same situation!

Clay Stapp

My Porsche was hit by an uninsured motorist in November of 2008.  The damage was about $12,000 in repairs.  I was encouraged by friends to submit a “Diminished Value” claim against my own insurance company, USAA.  USAA was only willing to give me approximately $1600.  Richard from Collision Claim Assoc., after inspecting my car and looking at the market, estimated my DV to be $7225.  The process did take 6 months due to my insurance company dragging everything out, but eventually, through arbitration, I was able to collect the entire $7225.  I very highly recommend Collision Claims and Richard Hixenbaugh for addressing this issue.

Meredith E.

I wanted to thank you and Collision Claim Associates, Inc. for aiding me in my claim.  Following submittal of the appraisal and letter, I received a check in about a week for the full amount. Regards-

Keith Lyles

Collision Claim Associates, Inc. was immensely helpful to me in my Diminished Value Claim.  It took approximately 5 months of letters and phone conversations to obtain satisfaction.  Your company was there for me every step of the way when needed.  I was given the confidence to continue pursuing my objective.  The offer went from $998 to $3350.  I will, of course, recommend your services.  Thanks again for your assistance.

Helen D.

Thank you very much for the support, service, and advice.  I sincerely did not think I would get a penny from Allied Insurance since both Allied (the at-fault insurer) and my insurance company (21st Century) kept telling me that I had no recourse for diminished value of my repaired Lexus.  I knew the car lost value after a $20,000 repair bill.  They kept telling me "No" but I followed your instructions and guidance.    Allied settled the Diminished Value Claim for $7500, which is only $2500 less than the appraised loss of value.  Your services were a fantastic investment and your service is first rate.  I highly recommend your services to anyone in the state of California. Sincerely,

J. Battin

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your entire team for all the help you provided us in our diminished value claim. The process went relatively smoothly and in the end we accepted a $3000.00 settlement with the insurance company. I am certain I could not have done this without your support and expert advice!
Keep up the excellent service!!

James Atkinson

Without a doubt your work allowed me to maximize the damage award I received, and for that you have my total gratitude and appreciation.  I will most certainly refer you to any of my friends and relatives who need this kind of help in the future.  With kind regards and reiterated thanks.